Fishmeal equipment

Nezhyn mechanical factory is the only plant in ukraine producing. J.s.c. Продаем приборы апир-с. In times ussr at us was not opportunities to sell the equipment worldwide. Equipment for fish and other sea products processing. Продаем терморегуляторы тдэ. We issued the equipment only for ussr. Линии грануляции пэт отходов. The equipment is made of the ukrainian high-quality steel and well works and after 15 years of operation of installations. 90 % of all installations by the russian boats are made at our factory. Инфракрасная сауна, инфракрасная кабина. Our ukrainian steel is bought by many european manufacturers of the equipment. Карусельный станок. Now we only begin to sell the equipment all over the world. Пресс холодный, gp. Latvia. But it is good itself has recommended also our equipment buy in russia. Стеллаж. уфа. мди-сервис. Estonia. Lithuania. Продаю холодильную установку вмт-12. India. Norway. Сократи техпроцесс, поставь деталь hasco!. Chile. Peru. Клемазон monitor б/у. Cost of the equipment is less than at the european manufacturers. Смешиватель зерна бис-1. On quality it identical. E-mail:

Fishmeal buy

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